Arbor Snowboard’s Marketing Manager Sean Black talks Cosa Nostra Video

Fresh insights on the two-year project. Arbor Snowboards have taken the plunge into blockbuster territory with their first full movie 'Cosa Nostra", set to premiere in Venice, CA on Friday 15th September (available on iTunes 10/26). Arbor Snowboards was started in Venice way back in 1995, so it's fitting that the premiere will take place there at the Arbor HQ. Make sure you get down there if you can. It'll be wild, for sure.   Cosa Nostra has been two-years in the making. Described as an authentic representation of the current state of snowboarding – as seen through the perspective of Bryan Iguchi, Frank April, Marie-France Roy and the rest of the Arbor team – we couldn't wait to find out more and hit up Sean for the interview below. He explained the thought processes behind embarking on a two-year project, building the team, the creative direction and his role behind the camera, so read on and get the details before you watch the whole thing.   The full movie is also going to be released in six different parts throughout the fall, so keep your eyes on Method to see them first. Mike Liddle is first up, on Monday 11th September and we've heard it's a heavy one.   Read the full interview here:  
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