The New Shakedown Series

Influenced by team rider, Kody Noble, Arbor has developed a new series of skateboards designed around enabling riders to skate whatever they like, whenever they like. The Shakedown comes in three sizes including a 32, 35, and 38 inch deck. Each skateboard has a kick tail and nose and an appropriately paired wheelbase and width. Riders can simply pick a size suited to their comfort and style and then get to shredding parks, streets, hills, boardwalks, cities and everything else in between.

“If you limit yourself to one style of skateboarding,” says Noble, “then you’re not allowing yourself to explore all of the possibilities out there. This new Shakedown series allows you to skate anything you want and they are so fun to ride.” Noble worked closely with Los Angeles based artist, Shawn McKinney to choose a graphic that exemplifies the outlaw nature of skateboarding and this is well represented in the new series.

“We believe that a big part of the future of this sport is in street and freeride crossover,” says Arbor marketing director, Brad Farmer, “therefore, we felt compelled to construct a series of skateboards that would perform extremely well for this style of riding. Working with Kody was the perfect opportunity to create a solid offering as he personifies this side of the sport for Arbor. With his guidance, we feel that we now offer a skateboard that will crush it in this category.”

Arbor’s complete new 2012 skateboard line is now available including the Shakedown series and several other options for all styles of riding and riders.

Arbor Shakedown