Dave Sheets

Art Collaborations

David Sheets in an Artist and Printmaker living and working out of Colorado. For many years he has worked in skateboard manufacturing all the while creating an engaging art and a commercial career across several industries. His work scales a broad band of media and styles. David’s work contains a sharp attention to detail combined with a calculated rawness. His art has appeared in exhibitions in the US and on walls around the world. The images he creates have been celebrated parts of snowboarding and skateboarding culture. He has been featured in many publications as someone who creates works of visual fiction through an imaginative exploration of human spirit. His response to the chaos in life capture emotion as his never ending narrative continues to grow and evolve.

Recently, a many years in the making print shop has neared completion. With good friend Josh Bales lead on the project, the shop was built to feature many of the traditional manual mechanical presses of past eras. David looks forward to bringing his work back to this form of production. Creating more unique small batch editions of art. Many of these creations will be for sale in the Landlocked Artisan MFG shop.

He has also started an art / skateboard making project called Blood Vision. Focused on a blend of cultures from a personal perspective combined with his desire to just make gritty graphics, Blood Vision is born.

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