Henry Hablak

Art Collaborations

Henry started out as a traditional tattoo artist, but through his love for art, he has consumed himself with learning about art history and anthropological studies of mankind since the beginning of time. To further this knowledge of art, he is constantly visiting bookstores, libraries, art galleries and anthropological museums, as well as referencing his own personal library. Through his research, he’s noticed common similarities in all cultures, divided by thousands of miles, or millennia of time. He believes that humans brains are wired in the same way, that we naturally came to the same conclusions through our different societies of creating similar folklore, mythology, deities, heroes, shamanism, patterns, colors, weapons, and materials. He’s seen further resemblances through these cultures in their use of symbols, icons and animals furthered his realizations of these parallels in all cultures.

The color stories used on the boards in Arbor’s Artist Collection comes also from his research. He noticed most of these cultures and civilizations use vases, gourds, and ceramic vessels for transporting goods, or storing valuables. The clay used for most of these vessels usually having the orange-red color, with the color cyan being of great contrast to that color, creating a visual appeal. The patterns he’s seen repeat throughout, like checkers, and triangle patterns have also made its way into most of his art. You’ll see elements of Southwest, Asian, South American, Greek Mythology and African art in his work, amongst many other cultures. It’s almost a repurposing of all of these parallels in art, that he creates his own unique works of art from. We’ve chosen select pieces from his body of work that cover his broad spectrum from these cultures, creatures, and colors, and we’re proud to have his artwork on our Artist Collection.