Randy Noborikawa

Art Collaborations

Born in Southern California, graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco. Randy currently lives and works in Costa Mesa, CA, while making frequent visits to the bay area for inspiration. His work often takes on one of three distinct styles: lenticular paintings, painterly cityscapes or the sugar skull avatar. Lenticular paintings are his newest passion and are tediously crafted on angled wood slats. They offer a natural abstraction when viewed from straight on, and resolve as multiple images when viewed from side to side. Randy is bringing this concept, dating back to the 1800’s, into the urban environment as well as galleries, engaging the viewer to interact with art. The “elsugarskull” work embodies his passion for Latin folk art and catholic iconography translated through a modern filter. His unique incorporation of neon and cast glass brings depth and vibrancy to these works. His cityscapes are painted in the traditional sense, paying close attention to light and shadow, color and composition, in a loose, painterly style. They celebrate the grit of the urban environment and give hints to pop culture street artists. The craft of surfboard fabrication and the art of wave riding have always intrigued Randy. Collaborating with shaper Eric Christenson, they create works of form and function that have been showcased and used alike.