Shawn Mckinney

Art Collaborations

Shawn McKinney is a painter, sculptor, fabricator, actor, and art director. He has a wide body of personal work along with extensive involvement in the independent film industry. His art work has been showcased world wide from Orlando to Los Angeles. His most notable work was showcased at Mendenhall Sobieski, The Thought Gallery, and Nomad Los Angeles. He is currently an artist-in-residence through Los Angeles Vital Arts Association in sunny southern California. His use of Americana reflects an inherent need for freedom. His blending of these themes with portrayals of decaying Western icons highlights the strange hybridized world we live in.

  • “Nostalgia” Featuring The Art of Shawn McKinney

    Arbor Collective artist Shawn McKinney discusses his love of motorcycles, outlaw culture, and his skateboard collaboration with Kody Noble. This video is the second in a series of artist profile pieces to be released throughout 2012.

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    • The New Shakedown Series

      Influenced by team rider, Kody Noble, Arbor has developed a new series of skateboards designed around enabling riders to skate whatever they like, whenever they like. The Shakedown comes in three sizes including a 32, 35, and 38 inch deck. Each skateboard has a kick tail and nose and an appropriately paired wheelbase and width.

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      Arbor Shakedown