Tadashi Ura

Art Collaborations

After he has graduated from the Nippon Designer College in Fukuoka Japan, he got a job at design company in Tokyo in1995. After retiring the company he is on his own and now works in Tokyo from 2000 as a freelance illustrator. He is active mainly in the field of websites, advertisement, magazines, sleeve design for various clients. He also has been awarded several times in Japan in the commercial sector in 2007 and in 2008. At present he resides in Yokohama since 2009. And now he study ink painting (Suibokuga) under Suibokuga artist master Shukou Tsuchiya from 2006. Tadashi Ura’s artwork is drawn based on the inspiration with every daily event. Moreover his works produced through his creative activity are originated from motif on Japanese identities and also sophisticated more and more under Great Tokyo.