• Shuriken Shannon Pro Model featuring artwork by Connor Getzlaff

    San Diego standout, Shuriken Shannon is know for his smooth, laid-back, super authentic style, that’s consistently delivered with power, control, and raw authority. Shuriken’s artistic approach to spots has always allowed him to see new possibilities for his uniquely creative bag of tricks. The Shuriken Pro Model reflects his independence and hard earned perspective on his own skating. The series was developed as a collaboration with close friend, tattoo artist, and Washington Street fixture – Connor Getzlaff. Arbor is proud to be working with both Shuriken and Conner, and invites you to learn more about Shuriken and this new collab in this short vid.

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  • Arbor Introduces Solstice Collection in Partnership with B4BC

    Arbor is proud to introduce you to the Solstice Collection, the Brand’s first line of women’s specific skateboards – an offering exclusively curated by the women of The Arbor Collective.

    For the new Solstice Collection, Arbor has partnered with Boarding for Breast Cancer. We are very proud to announce that a portion every board sold will be donated to this extremely important program.

    “We’re honored to align with Arbor,” said Megan Pischke, B4BC Marketing + Wellness Manager. “Their commitment to the environment means a lot to those of us who look to the outdoors for not only fun with friends, but as a necessary means of self love, expression, and healing. Arbors’ commitment to women in skateboarding and snowboarding aligns with B4BC’s message that a healthy active lifestyle is your best means of breast cancer prevention.”

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  • Mark Carter and Ian Walsh get Barreled in Jackson Hole

    Professional surfer Ian Walsh travels the world chasing the best waves and competing at surfing’s highest level. Just 12 years ago Walsh found a new passion, snowboarding. Join him as he meets up with longtime friend and pro snowboarder, Mark Carter and they get barreled in Jackson Hole.

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  • Arbor x Buck Knives

    Our original boards were built using a limited supply of sustainably sourced Koa Wood, which is endemic to Hawaii. The Hawaiians used Koa to create the first surfboards 1,000 years ago, making Koa the legacy precursor material that led to modern boardsports.

    For 20 some years, we’ve held onto a small amount of our original stock of Koa. At the double-decade mark, the time was right to crack open the vault and create some tributes to the craftsmanship traditions that underpin everything we do.

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  • Insights and Highlights

    INSIGHTS into Arbor’s 20 year commitment to craftsmanship and environment in the production of the world’s best snowboarding and skateboarding products. A dedication that has ensured Arbor is synonymous with performance, quality, sustainable materials, and the preservation of the planet.

    HIGHLIGHTS of life lived in the pursuit of snowboarding, skateboarding, and the good times that come with getting there, being there, and riding with friends. Moments brought to life by the athletes, artists, and ambassadors who share Arbor’s ethos and underpin our Collective.

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  • Arbor Whiskey Project :: Hawaii 5-0’s Video Premier

    Roll on down to Venice to Arbor’s Headquarters and Retail Showroom for the premier of the Whiskey Project’s Hawaii 5-0’s video on Friday, the 6th of May. Poke Truck from Poke2Go, free beer from Sudwerm Brewing Co., and tons of prizes from our sponsors.

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  • Arbor Founder, Bob Carlson on 20 Years of Business

    The Arbor Collective was created by a group of us that grew up along the Los Angeles County Coast in the 80s. Life was about surfing, skating, and going for it as hard and often as we could. By the end of the decade we had all started snowboarding and quickly became fixated on the possibilities that this new sport had opening up.

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  • Kyler Martz “Hybrid Creatures” Video

    Kyler Martz is a Seattle based illustrator, muralist, and tattoo artist, who mixes nautical, old-world, and organic themes to create unique icons from our storied past.

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