New Artist Series Skateboards Released


The artist brings his energetic portrayal of urban figures to the Bamboo Hybrid and the Koa Blunt.

The Arbor Collective is proud to announce the release of two new skateboards designed in collaboration with renowned artist, Dave Kinsey. Arbor's new Bamboo Hybrid and Koa Blunt feature original works from this progressive artist who draws inspiration from studying urban landscape and the human condition. Kinsey’s portrayal of urban figures incorporates a range of mediums constructing multilayered and textured environments, easily likened to the complexities of contemporary life and the more urban elements of skating.

The new Bamboo Hybrid is designed with a wide mid-section, concave profile, and rounded kick tail/nose to deliver both longboard stability and real flat-ground and park performance.

The new Koa Blunt is designed for longboard specific skating, with a fat front-end for step-up control at speed, and a concave, tapered shape and rounded kick tail/nose for all-around performance.

I'm stoked to continue our collaboration with Kinsey on two new skate designs,” said Bob Carlson, Arbor’s Co-Founder. “He captures the complex depths of human existence better that anyone I know. I think his work adds a real layer of reality to our skates, an element that’s missing in much of the overly aspirational art on many longboards today.

Both new skateboards were designed in the Arbor tradition using a range of environmentally friendly materials. The Bamboo Hybrid uses a finish ply of Bamboo, which is an exceptionally renewable resource that grows faster than any other plant. Once harvested, it self-propagates and re-grows. This amazing renewability is also 100% sustainable. The Koa Blunt uses a finish ply of sustainably sourced Hawaiian Koa (Koa wood was used by the Hawaiians to build the first surfboards over 600 years ago) Both skateboards also use sustainably sourced Hardrock Maple, ultra-clear recycled glass re-grip, water-based finishes, and recycled plastic risers. All wood byproduct created during the production of Arbor skateboards is reclaimed for use in other Arbor products or by outside companies.

Dave Kinsey's striking art on the Koa Blunt.Another outstanding Dave Kinsey art piese on the Bamboo Hybrid.