• We’re Loving It

    McDonald’s has a new Commercial for the Olympics that features our Venice Retail Showroom in it. Watch the commercial, and at :53 you’ll see some beautiful Arbor wood Products.

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  • Dave Kinsey "A Lapse of Time" Video

    Arbor Collective Artist, Dave Kinsey, recently painted a mural at our Arbor North Venice Showroom. Watch the video to see a part of his process in creating amazing pieces of art, and stop by sometime to see it in person.

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  • The Arbor Collective Video – Insights and Highlights

    A quick look at the larger Arbor brand, with Insights into the parallel processes we use to make handcrafted snowboards, skateboards and clothing, and Highlights from some of The Arbor Collective’s recent videos.

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  • "Between the Edges" Featuring the Art of Dave Kinsey

    The Arbor Collective visits Dave Kinsey at his home studio in the Western slopes of the Sierras, where he talks about his background, influences, and process in creating current works of art. Named by Complex Magazine in 2012 as one of the 100 most influential artists of the past decade, Kinsey is known around the world for his street art, graphic design, and fine art pursuits. Watch the video to go “Between the Edges” with Arbor Collective artist, Dave Kinsey.

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  • PangeaSeed Art Show Video

    The Arbor Collective has teamed up with PangeaSeed to help get the word out about what they’re doing to bring awareness to the plight of sharks and the consequences of the mass harvesting of shark fins.

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  • “Nostalgia” Featuring The Art of Shawn McKinney

    Arbor Collective artist Shawn McKinney discusses his love of motorcycles, outlaw culture, and his skateboard collaboration with Kody Noble. This video is the second in a series of artist profile pieces to be released throughout 2012.

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  • Whiskey Street Deck with Sylvia Ji

    Arbor Skateboards is proud to introduce their new Whiskey street decks featuring a series of four different art pieces from renown artist Sylvia Ji. This collectible deck is built using Arbor’s, tried and true, bamboo and maple blend to deliver lightweight pop and durability. “By adding bamboo as a deck-side power ply, we create a

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    Arbor Whiskey Street Deck
  • Snowboard Movie Premieres At Arbor!

    It’s that time of year again when Arbor rolls out the red carpet and hosts snowboard movie premieres in Venice, California.

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    Think Thank Movie Premiere At Arbor