• PangeaSeed Art Show Video

    The Arbor Collective has teamed up with PangeaSeed to help get the word out about what they’re doing to bring awareness to the plight of sharks and the consequences of the mass harvesting of shark fins.

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  • “Nostalgia” Featuring The Art of Shawn McKinney

    Arbor Collective artist Shawn McKinney discusses his love of motorcycles, outlaw culture, and his skateboard collaboration with Kody Noble. This video is the second in a series of artist profile pieces to be released throughout 2012.

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  • Whiskey Street Deck with Sylvia Ji

    Arbor Skateboards is proud to introduce their new Whiskey street decks featuring a series of four different art pieces from renown artist Sylvia Ji. This collectible deck is built using Arbor’s, tried and true, bamboo and maple blend to deliver lightweight pop and durability. “By adding bamboo as a deck-side power ply, we create a

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    Arbor Whiskey Street Deck
  • Snowboard Movie Premieres At Arbor!

    It’s that time of year again when Arbor rolls out the red carpet and hosts snowboard movie premieres in Venice, California.

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    Think Thank Movie Premiere At Arbor
  • West Coast Art Show Tour

    Arbor is proud to announce our partnership with Pangea Seed and “The Great West Coast Migration.” The event series is a traveling art show and benefit for the preservation of sharks and oceans. This years show features Arbor artists Dave Kinsey and Sylvia Ji, along with many more. Limited edition Arbor tees featuring the work

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  • Arbor Eco Update: Sustainable & Reclaimed Wood

    All of the wood material used in Arbor’s skateboard designs, including the maple plies and veneer deck, come from sustainable sources of supply.  All of the wood byproduct created during the production of our skateboards is reclaimed for use by outside companies or in other Arbor products like belt buckles, hang tags, and zipper pulls. 

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  • Arbor ECO Update

    Arbor Apparel is always made using sustainable materials. One of our more popular fabrications has been Bamboo viscose, but what makes it such a great eco fabric and comfortable to wear? Bamboo viscose is a reconstituted cellulose fiber made from bamboo timber, which is today’s most renewable, sustainably grown raw material. Bamboo is the fastest

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  • Who Won Arbor’s Weekly Win Free Stuff?

    Who won Arbor’s Weekly Win Free Stuff? Congratulations to Michael Haller! You won an Arbor Apparel prize pack! An Arbor representative will be in touch with you shortly to help you claim your prize. If you didn’t win this time…don’t worry, next up we are giving away an Arbor Skateboard!

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    Weekly Winnner