• Sean Imes – Copenhagen

    Whiskey Project skater, Sean Imes, traveled out to Copenhagen last month to kick it with friends and skate a new city. Filmer Jais Hansen showed Sean and the homie Jared Cleland all that this great city has to offer, bringing them to amazing spots and sharing the laid-back vibe of the city. Transport yourself to Denmark for the next few minutes and watch what Sean put down during his week in Copenhagen.

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  • Towell’s Translation

    When Towell isn’t in the hills of Santa Barbara he can usually be found at a local break working on his surfing. “Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from surfing while I’m on my skateboard. Its so fun trying to pump my skate and generate speed the same way I do in the water, its also opened my eyes to some different lines on the roads.”

    Since surfing sidewalks is where skateboarding originated from, we thought it would be cool to take that surf/skate mentality to the next level and showcase Tyler doing both. After seeing Towell’s style on some of Southern California’s fastest roads juxtaposed with footage from the water the translation between his skating and surfing becomes clear.

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  • Daniel MacDonald – Children Of The Canyon

    The legendary one-way has seen plenty of sessions but Danny MacDonald’s raw style and unique choice of lines takes it to a new level. As a child of the canyon, Danny has put his time in on Malibu’s fastest roads developing his patented hard charging yet smooth, surf style. Buckle up and let Danny Mac take you on one banger of a ride down his backyard hell-track.

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  • Welcome To Arbor – Ali Nas

    With only a few months of sunshine in Norway a year, it’s rad to see the dedication Ali Nas has for the sport he loves. We are excited to welcome Ali Nas to the Arbor Skateboards Team. Bringing his motivation, charisma, and magic tricks to the table, we know it’s going to be a good time having Ali around. Welcome to the Team Ali!

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  • Arbor x Buck Knives

    Our original boards were built using a limited supply of sustainably sourced Koa Wood, which is endemic to Hawaii. The Hawaiians used Koa to create the first surfboards 1,000 years ago, making Koa the legacy precursor material that led to modern boardsports.

    For 20 some years, we’ve held onto a small amount of our original stock of Koa. At the double-decade mark, the time was right to crack open the vault and create some tributes to the craftsmanship traditions that underpin everything we do.

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  • Welcome To Arbor – Tyler Gillingham

    Skating the big mountains that surround Vancouver, BC, it’s no wonder that Tyler Gillingham has developed a knack for speed while maintaining his smooth, relaxed style. His laid-back attitude and positive outlook on life is on par with the Arbor Skateboards vibes. We are stoked to welcome Tyler to the team.

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  • Welcome To Arbor – Axel Serrat

    Axel Serrat has been a major force in skateboarding for many years and shows no signs of slowing down. His positive attitude and unique style is the perfect match for Arbor Skateboards. Skating the streets of Barcelona it’s no surprise that Axel has developed a skating everything approach to life. We are proud to officially welcome Axel to the Arbor family!

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  • Insights and Highlights

    INSIGHTS into Arbor’s 20 year commitment to craftsmanship and environment in the production of the world’s best snowboarding and skateboarding products. A dedication that has ensured Arbor is synonymous with performance, quality, sustainable materials, and the preservation of the planet.

    HIGHLIGHTS of life lived in the pursuit of snowboarding, skateboarding, and the good times that come with getting there, being there, and riding with friends. Moments brought to life by the athletes, artists, and ambassadors who share Arbor’s ethos and underpin our Collective.

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