• Destination Ditch Video

    A great road trip only happens when the destination is unforgettable and the journey is unpredictable. We set out to skate some of the worlds best ditches. Along the way life provided memories that will last a lifetime. We hope you’ll enjoy our trip through the Southwestern United States, and the time we spent exploring the endless turns that only New Mexico could provide…

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  • B4BC’s Skate The Lake

    Skate – Bike – Roll with our friends Boarding for Breast Cancer for the 13th annual Skate the Lake in Lake Tahoe, CA on July 28 and 29th! Join us at Commons Beach for the registration party Fri July 28, from 2-8 with live music, art, yoga and a huge raffle. Then, on Sat July 29 we’ll be cruising 28 miles around the lake to raise funds and awareness for B4BC’s education, outreach, and survivorship programs!

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  • Groundswell Series

    The Groundswell Series is a full quiver of surf inspired guns for down-the-line cruising, slashing banks, and old school carving. Surf every sidewalk, drop into each bank or turn, power through every urban line up. Find that ideal board to take everywhere, from surf trips to crosstown sessions.

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  • Arbor and Scrambler Ducati at Surf Rodeo in Ventura

    Arbor Skateboards was invited by Scrambler Ducati to join them on their Scrambler Summer Road Trip. The Surf Rodeo in Ventura was just one of the many stops all over the country that they are visiting this summer, and everyone had a blast at the event. Ducati Scramblers were available to check out, as well as Martin Guitars to play, and of course, lots of Arbor Skateboards to skate. The kids were especially stoked, and kept coming back to try some of the skateboards in the line again, and again. Look for the Scrambler Summer Road Trip with Arbor Skateboards and Martin Guitars making its way to you this summer!

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  • Shuriken Skates The Transworld Skatepark

    Shuriken Shannon paid the Transworld Skatepark a visit with some friends recently, here’s what they stacked all in a day…

    “Shuriken always puts it down in our park, so we had to invite him back to our new set-up and let him do his thing. God dayum that tre flip was caught nice!”

    – Transworld Skateboarding

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  • Towell Raw Run

    Tyler Howell is known for his hard charging and surfy style that everyone loves. Watch in awe as he descends his favorite local races track with ease.

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  • Davide Comai and the Backlash 37

    Arbor Skateboards’ Italian Ambassador Davide Comai spent the day with filmmaker, Andrea Perotti, to create this video highlighting the Backlash 37, and gives just a taste of the types of terrain the board excels at. Give the video a watch!

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  • Whiskey Project – Welcome Shuriken Shannon

    With Arbor’s Whiskey Project steadily building up a team with a solid mix of power and creativity, Shuriken Shannon has joined the Arbor Skateboards family and represents everything the Arbor Collective is about. From sustainable craftsmanship and diverse Artist collaborations, Shuriken now adds, even more, clarity to the vision that Arbor Skateboards has always set out to conquer.

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