Arbor Welcomes James Kelly

Arbor Skateboards is proud to welcome James Kelly to their freeride skateboard team. “We couldn’t be more stoked to be bringing one of the best skateboarders in the quickly growing freeride/downhill scene onto the Arbor team,” says Arbor’s team director, Brad Farmer. “James has a lot of natural talent and his understanding of what it takes to market himself as a modern athlete is key to this new partnership. We are excited to have his influence on the evolution of our freeride/downhill product lines and on our developing team.”

James Kelly is from Petaluma, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. He’s been skateboarding since he was 13-years-old and is now considered one of the top athletes in his sport. He’s an important part of SkateHouseMedia which has quickly become one of the main media outlets for the freeride/downhill community.

“I have always respected Arbor for their eco-friendly mindset and sense of community,” says Kelly. “These values are very important to me. It’s looking like 2011 is going to be big year for Arbor with their expanding downhill product line and I’m stoked that I’ll now have a hand in the development of some of the best skateboards on the market.”

When it comes to the progression of the sport, James Kelly is on the leading edge. "I'm only 20-years-old and feel I've help push downhill to its limits,” says Kelly. “I have a lot of skating left to do. My next major effort is going to the the documentation of the sport I am apart of. Such little gets out about dowhill skaters and their life's they built around races and events. I want to help spread the word.

Kelly is already riding Arbor’s new Vugenhausen which will be released in March with the entire new 2011 line. This skateboard is Arbor’s first move directly into the downhill market and is a great follow up to the Axis and Assault drop-through boards that were brought to market in 2010. Kelly is expected to have an immediate impact on how the sport is portrayed through Arbor’s expanding media platform. Look for good things to be coming from this exciting new partnership. For more information on Arbor and James Kelly visit

Arbor Welcomes James Kelly