Get Elevated Tour: Episode 2

This episode documents Day 2 and 3 of Arbor's team trip though the Sierra's also known as Get Elevated. James Kelly, Kody Noble, Max Myers, Eric Singer, Jimmy Riha and Duke Degen wake up after their first day of travel and gets into the "meat and potatoes" of the trip...skateboarding. They hit several spots, and continue out of Mammoth east and deeper into the Sierras. A lack of available camping spots in Yosemite forces them to camp in the middle of nowhere on a random dirt road. In the morning, they find that they pitched their tents eerily close to large piles of bear poop, and and even more trippy, they find out they camped on a road right on top of an amazing hill. They end an eventful day with a swim in a cold river to wash off the sweat of hard riding.


Arbor Get Elevated