Get Elevated Tour: Episode 5

Episode 5 brings the 2011 Arbor Skateboards Get Elevated tour to an end. The crew is exhausted after a week of filming, but still determined to finish the project. Things get even more fun when Brad Farmer and the last team member, Josh Hunt, show up in the middle of the night. While at James’ cabin, they give some thoughts on the dynamics of filming with 6 people at 50mph, and spend some well earned R&R time on the lake with some brews.

The skating is rounded out with one last session on a road near to James’ heart and his place on the lake. It proves to be a monster as well, boasting hairpins, a 60mph straight, and countless sweepers and bends. Not everyone comes out unscathed, and a couple close calls coupled with the guys being at wits end brings the trip to a solid finish. The preparation for the long trip back to the “valley of scum” gives everyone time to reflect what they had just experienced on the road over the last week.


Get Elevated Tour