Reviews: The Axis Skateboard

“Arbor just released their new freeride skateboard, the Axis so team rider, Jimmy Riha and I thought it would be a good idea to go out and give them a test run," says Arbor skateboard team rider, Josh Hunt. "I grabbed the Bamboo Axis and Jimmy snagged the Koa Axis. The skateboard comes complete with 9" Gullwing Chargers, ABEC 5 bearings and the new bio-urethane Arbor 72mm, 75A Durometer Slalom Series Wheels. We went out to some of the local San Diego hills to lay it out on some bio-urethane!"

Josh Hunt in the San Diego hills.

"The Axis is an epic freeride board with a little bit of flex and with the drop-through it’s easy to slide and just have fun. Carving was a snap, back and fourth listening to the wheels grip the pavement, you could just hear how solid the ride was. It’s a skateboard you can also have fun on flat ground just shredding around town. Jimmy took a couple runs down some underground garages that night. His review was simple, ‘too much fun!’ Taking it to a parking garage with some friends was a good time–carving and gripping around turns. I love the way I can slide these boards and bring it back inline so easy. Thanks Ardor for hooking it up and making another sweet skateboard.”

–Josh Hunt, Arbor Skateboard Team Rider

Jimmy Riha shredding in the San Diego sunset.
Josh Hunt in the San Diego hills.Jimmy Riha shredding in the San Diego sunset.