Skateboard Video: Sausage Planes

Arbor riders, Eric Singer and Max Myers took a road trip up to Northern Cali with Max Dubler and Peter Eubank of SkateHouseMedia for an outlaw freeride skateboard race. The event had an amazing turnout, and then was busted up before it got started! The local Sheriffs swarmed the scene and a CHP helicopter was dispatched to yell at them through a megaphone from the air. The Sheriff in question was seriously irked that some skaters were out trying to enjoy themselves. They detained the event organizer for an illegal gathering and even pulled Peter Eubank aside for questioning when he gave out free T-Shirts. NO FUN ALLOWED HERE! Many riders headed home saddened by the unfair treatment they received, while others simply drove a few hours farther north to skate a secret mountain spot. A real gem. Here's what went down.