The Catalyst – Skateboarding With Options

With a new generation of skateboards out there proving that the types of tricks a rider can do on a skateboard shouldn’t be relegated to just the conventional 32 inch street skate, Arbor has introduced a shape to reflect the need for a longer board with features that lend well to nailing tricks.

There is consistent demand for a board with kicktails that is lightweight yet stiff enough to be comfortable in the hills. To answer that call, Arbor has introduced the Catalyst, in a 38 and 42 inch version.

The Catalyst is a twin-tip board with ample kicktails to allow for ollies, flip tricks, spins and manuals. Arbor kept it symmetrical leaving all possibilities on the table. It has drop-through mounting to keep the center of gravity low and make slides a breeze. The standing platform features notches in the corners to lock in a riders’ toes and heels during tricks.

Rather than just adding kicktails to a symmetrical flex board, Arbor kept the Catalyst stiffer than its competitors to make it feel more at home in the hills. This new trick skateboard is offered in two lengths to suit the size and style of each shredder. Choose the 38 for enjoying more technical tricks and maneuvers, or float the boardwalk on the 42.

The Arbor Catalyst