• Prodigy

    The Prodigy employs a range of technology to achieve unprecedented performance. This powerful design has 1/4” drop, 5/8” of rocker, and a mellow “W” concave profile. Expect the leverage and lock needed to stay in your tuck through turns and keep critical levels of speed.

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  • Get Elevated 2012: Ep. 4 – The Sticks

    With just enough direction, the team manages to meet up with Zarosh Eggleston in the sticks of Central California. An hour of dirt roads later, and they’re at his ranch enjoying his DIY spot, the relaxed lifestyle, and the local watering hole.

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  • Get Elevated 2012: Ep. 3 – Speed and Coping

    The van moves on, and so does the Arbor Skateboards team.

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  • Get Elevated 2012: Ep. 2 – Road with No Name

    The Arbor Skateboards team continues north on their road trip up the coast of the Golden State, and pulls out into farm country for Day 2 of Get Elevated. Things get crowded and sketchy on a road with no name and center divider. Everyone stays safe and in their lane and the crew ends the day with a dune surfing session.

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  • Get Elevated 2012: Ep. 1 – The Beginning

    The Arbor Skateboards team is back on the road for Get Elevated 2012. In episode 1, they start their trek up the coast of California. Rising bright and early at Skate House in Los Angeles, they take off into the interior valley on their way up the Pacific Coast Highway.

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  • Arbor Skateboards Presents: Get Elevated 2012

    Arbor Skateboards is preparing to release the followup to their successful Get Elevated video series released in 2011 with Get Elevated 2012. Follow James Kelly, Kody Noble, Max Myers, Duke Degen, Jimmy Riha, Adam Crigler, Kelly Carter, Casey Morrow, Eric Singer, Tyler Howell and all of their friends as they pack into a van head up the coast of California.

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  • Arbor Skateboards: Out In The Cuts

    Eric Singer and Max Myers drive out of the city, past the farms, to where the animals run free on the roads. No amount of goats, bee hives, or bobcats in the way can prevent them from taking advantage of a beautiful California day and hauling ass down an otherwise sparsely populated road.

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    Max Myers
  • Get Elevated Tour: Episode 5

    Episode 5 brings the 2011 Arbor Skateboards Get Elevated tour to an end. The crew is exhausted after a week of filming, but still determined to finish the project. Things get even more fun when Brad Farmer and the last team member, Josh Hunt, show up in the middle of the night. While at James’

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    Get Elevated Tour
  • Get Elevated Tour: Episode 4

    In this episode the Arbor Skateboard team including Duke Degen, Eric Singer, James Kelly, Max Myers, Kody Noble, and Jimmy Riha moves from one unbelievable locale to another. After leaving the twin facing roads behind, they make the commute to James’ cabin further north where they meet up with his Grandpa to share a drink

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    Kody Noble & James Kelly
  • Get Elevated Tour: Episode 3

    The theme of unsure destinations and no plans continues in Episode 3 of Get Elevated. The crew decides not to head back into Yosemite and instead point the caravan in the opposite direction, heading on what they believe is the right path to the next stop. After getting lost, asking the mountain folk for directions,

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