• Towell’s Translation

    When Towell isn’t in the hills of Santa Barbara he can usually be found at a local break working on his surfing. “Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from surfing while I’m on my skateboard. Its so fun trying to pump my skate and generate speed the same way I do in the water, its also opened my eyes to some different lines on the roads.”

    Since surfing sidewalks is where skateboarding originated from, we thought it would be cool to take that surf/skate mentality to the next level and showcase Tyler doing both. After seeing Towell’s style on some of Southern California’s fastest roads juxtaposed with footage from the water the translation between his skating and surfing becomes clear.

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  • Towel Goes Fast Video

    Don’t let the good demeanor fool you – Tyler Howell will chase you down and leave you in the dust on any road or racecourse. He hones in his skill at speed on scary roads like this where he’s at home in Southern California.

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  • Tyler Howell Caliber Video

    Team rider Tyler Howell just made a new video with Caliber Truck Co. in the Malibu Hills. Watch him navigate through technical canyon roads with obstacles and construction workers in his newest edit.

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  • Tyler Howell wins Australia Boarder-X in Sydney

    Congrats to Tyler Howell in winning the first event of the series, Be the Influence Boarder-X, in Sydney Australia! He and rider Brandon Tissen are continuing to compete throughout the entire series in Australia, and both are heavily favored to podium the upcoming events. Next up is Newcastle Australia; we will keep you updated as they continue to kick butt down under!

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  • Tyler Howell Video

    Arbor Skateboards is proud to announce our newest team rider – Tyler Howell!
    A Santa Barbara local, Tyler Howell takes a naturally fluid California style of downhill skating and matches it with his powerful and technical determination. His approach is unique and gives a new look for skaters to aspire to.

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    Arbor Skateboards team riders made a good showing this weekend in Oregon with top placings at the Boomtown Event. Brandon Tissen finished in second, with Tyler Howell winning the Slopestyle event, and then Tyler took third the following day in Boardercross. It’s looking like a great season again for our skate team, Congratulations to these

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    Check out this sick video of team rider Tyler Howell owning it on his Arbor Shakedown at the DH Disco presented by Muir Skate Shop. Be prepared to see more out of him in the next coming months. Tyler KILLS IT!

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  • Arbor Skateboards Welcomes Tyler Howell

    We found Tyler riding a Hybrid GT in the skatepark last year and crushing it with his unique surf style. Within months, he was in the hills with the crew, learning to ride downhill. Half a year later, he’s developed a skill set and comfortably at speed that puts plenty to shame. Arbor Skateboards is

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    Tyler Howell
  • Tyler Howell Handles A Hybrid Skateboard

    Tyler Howell from Arbor Santa Barbara’s shop team put together this sweet little video of himself riding the Hybrid longboard on the streets and in the skate park in Santa Barbara. This guy knows how to handle a longboard. Wow!

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    Arbor Skateboards