Arbor Welcomes Scotty Vine

Arbor Snowboards is proud to welcome Scotty Vine to their international snowboard team. “I’ve known Scotty since he was a little grom and I’ve been fortunate enough to watch him grow up and become one hell of a solid snowboarder,” says Arbor team director, Brad Farmer.” I’ve never seen him so determined heading into a season. I think he’s really out to prove himself and he has the natural ability to pull off anything he wants to do. It’s going to be an interesting year watching Vine Time.”

“I feel like I found a great home with Arbor,” says Vine. “I really back what the company stands for, they make amazing products and they’ve really welcomed me into the family. I’m out to work really hard this season and come up. I have some very specific personal goals this year that I plan to work in and around competing hard and filming as much as possible. I feel like I have the support I need to pull off a solid year and maximize my exposure. I just need to get through these last few days of college and I can start getting into it. I can’t wait!”

Check out Scotty’s Blog Vine Time

Check out Scotty on Arbor

Arbor Snowboards is announcing five new team riders in roughly five weeks and Scott Vine is 4 of 5. He joins Eli Weiner, Sean Black and Lynn Neil as one of the five.