Day 1: Nick Visconti At Windells

A message from Arbor team rider Nick Visconti. Unedited of course. "Mild sunburns, a pint of alo vera, and a town full of hipsters- yesterday was nothing but epic. The previous night we danced the night away and captivated a stubborn society of black leather jackets and Pbr drinkers. Cali Brotha's bringing Cali Rays. After 20 days of rain, we rolled into town and brought and epic sunny day. Dropped by West Linn and Burnside skateparks, pulled our socks high, put our vans on and heshed! After we rolled up to Windells, stopped by Thai home- the best Thai in the world. Got satisfied, re energized and dropped by Windells. Uhhh more skating. The new skatepark at Windells is perhaps the most epic skate park in history. But, after a few meetings with new head coach, Danger Dave and the face of Windells, Mary Walsh, we called it a night! Wait what????? Hell no. The Shack- karaokee with the Arkians, Windells coaches, and councelors kicking off Session 1 at Windells. Most were plastered, all sang, and everyone woke up in pain. The day before arrival day. Shout out to Arbor, Sessions, Vonzipper and Windells camp to hyping the campers and staff. We are kicking off the season with a bang!" Stay posted for more updates.... Nick Visconti
Holly Product
Look at all of that product that Nick is giving away.
Nick in the new Windells skate park.
Holly ProductLook at all of that product that Nick is giving away.Nick in the new Windells skate park.