Nick Visconti: Windells Session Wrap

Windells Session #4 2011 is a wrap! Actually, better said it has been unwrapped. With campers coming in from Europe, The Americas and California, Session 4 hit the record books. Mary Walsh, Windells athlete director, said "this is the best session Windells has ever had since I have been here." The magic recipe was a group of unique individuals cooped up in a small house, with a refrigerator full of humus and scotch determined to skate, shred and laugh our lives away. With the help of Arbor, Sessions, Arnette, Lib-Tech and Forum, Stevie Bell, Curtis Woodman, Jason Robinson, and myself left more than a carbon footprint; we left with life long friends, memories and camp appropriate debaucheries. These might be recognizable names but after ten days together these names were obsolete and were collectively changed to SchemieBear, SleepyBear, GnarlyBear and MogulyBear.


By Nick Visconti

The week started off with a gathering of professional athletes brought together by Mary Walsh (OrganizationalBear) and Nj Peterson (DriverBear). Soon after, we were running from camp officials for "no helmets" and thrashing the best skate-park in North America. The first night of course ended in seasonal snowboard recaps and PBR. Following throughout the week was non-stop action. From an on-hill take over of unconventional snowboarding to an off-hill camper sugar high from free ice cream, we did nothing short of burn 5,000 calories a day. Camper high fives, summer romance and Government Camp dance parties were only daily standards though; there were highlights... Thanks to Bhappy Films, Paul Heran, we had an Arnette sponsored pre-teen pre-party for the world premier of "Happy Days." Standout parts, for sure, were legend Curtis Woodman and up-and-comer Sammy Spiteri. The next day J-Rob hosted a manual contest and gave away a free lib-tech skateboard to the camper who manualed the furthest in BOB (acronym for "building out back.") Looking back, we definitely played into our stereotypical roles; for instance, Stevie Bell hosted a basketball game of knockout that took over the entire front courtyard. The last night, Curtis and I hoped to inspire some mindfulness about our affect on the environment, so I gave away a Arbor snowboard to the camper that picked up the most trash around camp. However entertaining and successful these events were, Sessions kept the daily hype around camp- It's truly unbeleivable how hyped campers get on the possibility for a new tee or a large sticker.


The week was unbelievable; truly an experience of a lifetime, or maybe of a year. Windells has invited this eclectic crew to come back for a "bear" reunion session next year. Maybe next year, the bear crew's shirts will come off for Petey Pablo at a late-night Ratskeller dance party, or maybe it'll be just mine again. Maybe we will find a hot-tub to soak our old bones in, or maybe we will all  still complain of the aches and pains while trying to convince ourselves we are old. Maybe we will all have girlfriends, or maybe we will have more late-night debates about whether "that" girl is old enough or not. I don't know what will happen in the future, but I do know what happened last week. Life was lived.

Nick Visconti