• Arbor x Buck Knives

    Our original boards were built using a limited supply of sustainably sourced Koa Wood, which is endemic to Hawaii. The Hawaiians used Koa to create the first surfboards 1,000 years ago, making Koa the legacy precursor material that led to modern boardsports.

    For 20 some years, we’ve held onto a small amount of our original stock of Koa. At the double-decade mark, the time was right to crack open the vault and create some tributes to the craftsmanship traditions that underpin everything we do.

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  • Video Log – Nowhere

    To celebrate another successful winter and 20 years of Arbor, we arranged for a team surf trip to a non-disclosed location to surf (and get pummeled by) uncrowded waves, kick back some cold ones, and reminisce over stories from the winter months.

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  • Insights and Highlights

    INSIGHTS into Arbor’s 20 year commitment to craftsmanship and environment in the production of the world’s best snowboarding and skateboarding products. A dedication that has ensured Arbor is synonymous with performance, quality, sustainable materials, and the preservation of the planet.

    HIGHLIGHTS of life lived in the pursuit of snowboarding, skateboarding, and the good times that come with getting there, being there, and riding with friends. Moments brought to life by the athletes, artists, and ambassadors who share Arbor’s ethos and underpin our Collective.

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  • Unnamed Full Movie f. Dutch Arbor Riders

    The Dutch indoor scene is made up of a dedicated group of riders who, unlike the rest of the world, don’t have to stop snowboarding when summer time rolls around. Take a look into the year-round indoor snow scene of the Netherlands in @postlandtheory’s new video “Unnamed” featuring Arbor rookie @niekvandervelden.

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