Visconti’s Africa Snowboard Safari Part 2

For centuries ivory elephant tusks have been coveted and used due to the myth of their supernatural powers, however contrary to popular belief they do not signal wifi well. Let down by whimsical hope in global wireless internet, I had to cut ties with virtual reality and live fully consumed in old man winters gift to Snowboarder Magazine's "Snowboard Safari"- Africa's hundred year storm. Local legend says that the mountain kingdom of Lesotho has only received natural snow twenty times in the past century, and yet during our quest to surf the earth it received an unexpected 3 feet of snow. This of course was an unbelievable blessing, but came with ramifications. The entire country, kingdom, was shut down due to lack of resources and infrastructure to handle the blizzard. This left our crew stranded in the heart of South Africa, one hundred and eighty kilometers inland of any plowed roads with nothing but endless mountains and powder to blissfully explore; and that we did. CHECK OUT THE FULL PHOTO GALLERY BELOW I have to be honest in admitting that our snowboard safari had little idea of what to expect in the lost continent, but with the creativity of industry innovators Stevie Bell, Scott Stevens, Ryan Hughes, John Cavan, Joel Parker, Janssen Powers and I, Africa's abundant resource of snow was pillaged and plundered. The snow was very similar to Northern California's "sierra cement" which gave us the artistic hand to sculpt features by cat, snow machine and hand. But what the blanket of snow truly gifted us was the ability to venture deeper into the plateaued mountains while slashing and bashing the once barren terrain. Although we did not expect this snow storm, we maximized it's potential. Now safely back home in the heat of The United States summer, accessible to internet again, I can only write words that hold but a flame next to indescribable experience of snowboarding in Africa. But until our adventures are published with the fruit of our pleasurable labor, know that in all ways Snowboarder Magazine's "Snowboard Safari" fashioned a modern mystic tale that will be pasted down from generation to generation as shred legend. Take Risk, Nick Visconti [nggallery id=135]
Nick Visconti