Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker

System Rocker / Mountain Twin / Medium Flex


The Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker is a mountain twin, with a slightly tapered tail and longer nose for performance in deep snow. Bryan brought a lifetime of experience to the shaping effort, and his personal hand-painted art to the vibe. His stealthy shape blends power and finesse for backcountry freestyle, big–mountain steeps and speed. The Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker offers a surfy ride, with natural float and cleaner tracking.

"I wanted to design a board that worked for my style of riding...a daily driver, or 'quiver killer'. Its roots are purely freestyle driven, but my riding has evolved. The design is inspired with the intention to perform well in all conditions. I wanted to have the ability to fully commit to carving as hard as possible, yet allow forgiveness in the entry and exit of each turn, regardless of how subtle or dynamic. I spend a lot of time in the backcountry searching for powder but in reality, I still can't pass up a good wall hit at the resort or resist the urge to blast a method out of a good transition I come across. I love it because I can have fun on it on any mountain in any condition."

-Bryan Iguchi

Artist: Bryan Iguchi

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Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker
Effective Edge114.8117.5120.2
Tip Length22.622.7522.9
Tail Length20.620.7520.9
Tip Width29.1129.3729.63
Waist Width25.125.2525.4
Tail Width28.9629.2229.48
Camber(-) 0.79(-) 0.82(-) 0.85
Ref. Point Width545454
Ref. Stance Setback000
Tip Transition Sidecut8.78.859
Sidecut - (m)7.87.958.1
Tail Transition Sidecut8.78.859
Rider Weight - (lb)120-200128-208134-214+
Rider Weight - (kg)54-9158-9461-97+