Mary Rand

Stance: Regular | 20" | 12°,-9°


Mary Rand, the newest female member of the Arbor Snowboards team is an East Coast jibber turned Washington transplant. Her move to the west coast signifies a maturation of her riding from the DIY park at Yawgoo Valley to the legendary pillows and lines of Mt Baker. Mary is a outstanding rider in all terrains and conditions and is currently working on the first all-women’s film from Vans Snow.


Emil Ulsletten

Stance: Regular | Rails Tighter, Jumps Wider | 12°,-9°


Emil Ulsletten broke into the scene last year when he took the top honors at one of the world’s premier Big Air competitions, The Air and Style Beijing. A highly intuitive air awareness and precise board control make Emil one of snowboarding’s most promising up and comers. When Emil steps out of the competition circuit to put tricks on film, his consistency and deep bag of tricks make him one of the most lethal riders to come out of Scandinavia.

Arbor Snowboards_Team Rider_Emil Ulsletten

Mike Gray

Stance: Regular | 21" | 12°, -12°


When it comes to Mike Gray, there is no gray area. He’s either on or off. When he’s not feeling down, he’s getting super high in Mammoth’s Unbound Park… like really high… in the air! It’s weird because when he gets that high, he spins all day day long but never pukes, which is even more bizarre when you consider that Mike is always getting sick.

Arbor Snowboards_Team Rider_Mike Gray

Cam Fitzpatrick

Stance: Regular | 22" | 15°, -15°


Most riders don’t get the opportunity to apprentice under the likes of Bryan Iguchi and Travis Rice, but Cam Fitzpatrick isn’t most riders. A rising am with enormous potential in the backcountry and beyond, Cam resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he has been filming the past two seasons for the upcoming Brainfarm film. Constantly progressing with the guidance and mentorship from some of snowboarding’s very best, Cam is soon to be on your list of household names in snowboarding.


Mike Liddle

Stance: Regular | 22" | 9°,-9°


The frigid hills and swift ropetows of Minnesota have proved the perfect breeding ground for an entire generation of professional snowboarders over the past 10 years. The ability to ride late into the night after school and lap a feature 200 times in a day allow Mid Western jibbers to perfect their skills and progress at an unprecedented rate. This advantage cannot be seen any more clearly than in the rail riding prowess of Mike Liddle. We’ve only seen a handful of riders with as much power and finess as Mike and its only a matter of time before he makes his mark on the world of snowboarding.


Ian Sams

Stance: Regular | Comfy Width | 12°, -12°

HOME MOUNTAIN: Bear Mountain, CA

Like a drunken trucker barreling towards a helpless doe in the middle of the night on an Illinois interstate in 1965, Ian Sams kills it. Hailing from Southern California, Ian follows in the footsteps of the many great riders who have used Big Bear as a launching pad for their careers.  After a year of Getting Lost around the world, Ian is back in Big Bear and set up to film his best video part to date.


Ryland West

Stance: Regular | 22" | 9°, -9°

HOME MOUNTAIN: Mammoth Mountain, CA

Ryland West broke onto the scene this year with standout performances at both Superpark 19 and The Launch at Mammoth Mountain. One footed wizardry and creative antics combined with raw talent make this kid one of our favorite snowboarders to watch. You never know what to expect out of Ryland, but you know that it has a 99% chance of blowing your mind.


Atsushi Hasegawa

Stance: Regular | 23" | 12°, -12°


The Japanese contingency grows with the addition of Atsushi to the Arbor Snowboards Am team. Some of the gnarliest rails imaginable have fallen victim to Atsushi’s rail prowess. Atsushi is consistently going bigger than anyone else in the streets with unmatched style and ease. We suggest that you go check out his full part asap at

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