Erik Leon

Stance: Goofy | 20.5"... Maybe? | 9°, -9°


This kid knows how to snowboard, and that’s an empirical fact! There’s only one person that snowboards like Erik, and that’s Erik. Also a fact. After growing up riding Bear Mountain, CA, Erik made the move to Truckee, CA where he currently resides and works as a barista. Whether it be powder, slush, bumps, rails, half pipe, or pine needles, Erik rides it all with unique style and originality that few possess.


Arbor Snowboards Erik Leon

Austin Young

Stance: Goofy | 22.5" | 9°, -9°

HOME MOUNTAIN: Trollhaugen, WI

Austin Young, a.k.a. Young Pisser! This Minnesota native is true to his roots; living and riding in his home state to this day. With a repertoire that includes hammer parts with Bald E-Gal, Keep The Change, and the soon to be released Celtek movie, Austin has proven time and again that the streets are indeed talking and Austin has the answer. He’s also proven time and again that he should not be left around his friends clothing after consuming more than 10 alcoholic beverages (hence the nickname).

Arbor Snowboards Austin Young

Blake Axelson

Stance: Goofy | 22.5" | 15°, -15°


Aloof and quiet but gregarious, Blake is one stand up gentleman. Despite his mellow demeanor, the kid has one hell of a method and more matches on tinder than he knows what to do with. Wether it’s babes on the internet or Colorado terrain parks, Blake knows how to slay. In fact, thats probably why he’s been listening to so much Slayer lately…

Arbor Snowboards Blake Axelson

Sammy Spiteri

Stance: Regular | 22" | 9°, -9°


Sammy Spiteri is a goofy son of a gun and he always has a smile on his face. Originally from Northern California and now residing in Salt Lake City, Sammy spends his days enjoying the company of friends while strapped into his snowboard. If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right and if you ask us, Sammy knows exactly what he’s doing.

Arbor Snowboards Sammy Spiteri

Mike Gray

Stance: Regular | 21" | 12°, -12°


When it comes to Mike Gray, there is no gray area. He’s either on or off. When he’s not feeling down, he’s getting super high in Mammoth’s Unbound Park… like really high… in the air! It’s weird because when he gets that high, he spins all day day long but never pukes, which is even more bizarre when you consider that Mike is always getting sick.

Arbor Snowboards Mike Gray

Yuma Abe

Stance: Regular | 22.5" | 15°, -15°

HOME MOUNTAIN: Isiuchi, Niigata, Japan

Yuma Abe puts the “steeze” in Japanese. He’s a modern day samurai that kills all which comes in his path. This silent assassin “Stonps” so hard that nine out of ten scientists blame recently shifting plate tectonics on a frontside 720 he did in 2013.

Arbor Snowboards Yuma Abe

Dave Short

Stance: Regular | 23" | 18°, -6°

HOME MOUNTAIN: BC Backcountry, Canada

BC legend Dave Short has been in the game longer than the longest unchallenged nontechnical word in the English language, Floccinaucinihilipilification. If you don’t know what that means, don’t feel bad because Dave doesn’t either. He’s spends too much time in the Whistler backcountry to be worried about searching the internet for the longest unchallenged nontechnical word in the English language like we just did.

Arbor Snowboards Dave Short
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