Towell’s Translation


Tyler Howell, aka Towell, is mostly known for going very fast on his skateboard. His smooth, powerful style while charging hairy roads is what sets him apart from other downhill

When Towell isn’t in the hills of Santa Barbara he can usually be found at a local break working on his surfing. “Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from surfing while I’m on my skateboard. Its so fun trying to pump my skate and generate speed the same way I do in the water, its also opened my eyes to some different lines on the roads.”

Since surfing sidewalks is where skateboarding originated from, we thought it would be cool to take that surf/skate mentality to the next level and showcase Tyler doing both. After seeing Towell’s style on some of Southern California’s fastest roads juxtaposed with footage from the water the translation between his skating and surfing becomes clear.