The 2017 Arbor Skateboards line builds on a tradition of supporting the wider world of skateboarding from mid and mini–cruisers, to longboards for carving, commuting, and freestyle; to downhill skateboards. We’re sure you will find what you need in this wide–ranging new line.


Crosscut Series

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Micron Collection


Whiskey Project


The Whiskey Project is a dedicated street skate program. It grew out of the grit and glare of Venice and runs through our local spots and hometown park to our headquarters on Washington Blvd. Today, the program stretches well beyond our backyard, but remains anchored by these important roots. From the start, the Whiskey Team has driven the effort, collaborating with Arbor Collective artists on all graphic drops, and Arbor’s product team on all shapes. Each deck is built with a hybrid construction that utilizes six maple plies for lightweight performance, and a bamboo ply for added pop and durability. Bamboo is actually a grass. It is also one of the strongest materials on the planet. Bamboo’s ability to resist compression improves a skateboard’s performance. Both the maple and bamboo are sustainably grown.