The 2015 Skateboard Collection defines our commitment to the wide-ranging nature of modern skateboarding. The offering cuts a swath across the landscape with models designed around both new and
timeless Arbor shapes, a range of original team, artist, and photographer collabs, an expanded Whiskey street skate offering, and some crisp new mid-length campus cruisers.
Handmade all-wood skates for all the ways it’s rolled today.


Whiskey Project

Arbor Skateboards Whiskey Project


Someone once said, “You guys must be drinking Whiskey if you think Arbor can sell street skates.” Three years down the road, it turns out we were able to do both. We just stayed on course: built from our roots, trusted our team, and stuck to the Arbor story. The Whiskey Collection is a deck only offering that draws on Arbor’s Artist Collective to increasingly deliver fresh graphics. The boards are built with a blended construction of six Maple plies for the lightweight performance you expect, and a Bamboo ply for added pop and durability. Bamboo is a grass that is one of the strongest materials on the planet. It has 40 times the effective life of carbon fiber and provides considerably more return than traditional materials. Bamboo’s weight-to-strength ratio is superior to steel, yet it is light, flexible, and resistant to compression. The Whiskey Project – Grassroots Construction.



Legacy Series

GT Collection / Artist Collection

Arbor Skateboards Artist Collection