• Gallery: Huggy’s Favorite Photos of 2016

    Last season, the Arbor team stacked some insane photos with Snowboarder Magazine Staff Photographer, Ryan Hughes aka HUGGY.

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  • Atsushi Hasegawa Scores 10 Page Interview in Freerun

    Unless you’re Japanese, you probably won’t be able to understand this interview, so let us summarize for you. Last year, Atsushi Hasegawa was brought onto the Arbor Snowboards team. Once on board (and on boards) he went CHO YABAI on the streets of Japan, hitting some of the gnarliest and most consequential spots ever recorded on film (or a memory card).

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  • Atsushi Hasegawa Full Part

    Yeah, so we’re pretty sure Atsushi Hasegawa just broke the internet with his full part. No stranger to consequence, Atsushi pushes the limits over the course of four minutes of smooth trickery on some of the biggest rails and heaviest drops we’ve seen in a while.

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