• Gallery: Huggy’s Favorite Photos of 2016

    Last season, the Arbor team stacked some insane photos with Snowboarder Magazine Staff Photographer, Ryan Hughes aka HUGGY.

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  • Video Log – Quebec

    The locals wouldn’t stop talking about how it was one of the coldest winters in the past century. That didn’t stop the Arbor Snowboards crew consisting of Brandon Hammid, Mike Liddle, Mike Gray, and LP Dorval from exploring the frozen city in search of new spots, never been done tricks, and good times.

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  • Mike Gray takes 3rd place at HDHR 2015

    A handful of Arbor riders converged on an insane setup for Big Bear Mountain’s annual pre-season rail jam, Hot Dawgs and Handrails. Erik Leon, Jake Schaible, Jon McDonald, Mike Liddle, and Buzz Hollbrook all showed up and threw down on a cross court setup littered with gaps, rails, rocks and even a small body of water.

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  • Parallel Parking – Superpark 18

    The past two years, the crew from Arbor Snowboards have put together Superpark edits that have gone down in the books and this year is no different. Scotty Vine, Brandon Hammid, Curtis Woodman, Sammy Spiteri, Sean Whitaker, Yuma Abe, Erik Leon, and more showed up to Mt. Hood Meadows this May to pick apart the Superpark features and select creative lines, exhibiting the Arbor brand of Earth surfing, jump sending, and rail riding that typifies a solid Superpark offering. We are pleased to showcase the riding of this talented team in this edition of Parallel SUPER Parking.

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  • Parallel Parking – Trollhaugen / Hyland

    The Arbor team heads to the land of 10,000 rope tows for some good old-fashioned high speed fun. Featuring Brandon Hammid, Scotty Vine, Sammy Spiteri, Sean Black, Austin Young, Mike Liddle, Tony Wagner, and Kayli Hendricks.

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  • Dispatches: Arbor in Minnesota

    Check out the newest Dispatches article highlighting Arbor’s trip to Minnesota while filming for the Postcard Series V2 featured on SnowboarderMag.com. View the Full Article Here

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    Arbor Snowboards Dispatches: Arbor in Minnesota