Whiskey Street Deck with Sylvia Ji

Arbor Skateboards is proud to introduce their new Whiskey street decks featuring a series of four different art pieces from renown artist Sylvia Ji. This collectible deck is built using Arbor’s, tried and true, bamboo and maple blend to deliver lightweight pop and durability. “By adding bamboo as a deck-side power ply, we create a hybrid maple construction that has a clean Zen flavor, nice return, and long lasting durability,” says Arbor product manager, Max Myers.

“Sylvia Ji's artistic voice is as unique as the times we live in. Her work is known for its haunting expression of love, lust, and decay. The entire Arbor Collective has worked with this powerful Los Angeles based artist for the last four years building toward this first complete collection.” says Bob Carlson president of Arbor Skateboards. “The expanded Whiskey street series was the ideal place to highlight the suggestive art of Sylvia Ji.”

Each street deck size including a 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 holds a different Sylvia Ji artwork. “With our first real push into the street skate market, we felt like it was important to come out with something special,” says Myers. “Thus, we’re really happy to present a series of decks that not only ride incredibly well, thanks to our bamboo ply technology, but also look amazing as art pieces hanging on your wall.”

Who Is Sylvia Ji

Whiskey Series Street Decks Featuring 4 Sylvia Ji Art Pieces

Arbor Whiskey Street Deck